My Hospital Bag

Outfits, accessories, props
Outfits, accessories, props

Knicks-Knacks for the little one!

As I got ready for the big day I searched everywhere on the web for the essentials to bring to the hospital for the baby. What if I brought too little? or too much? After finding multiple resources online I came down to a must-have bare necessities bag that I found that I needed at the hospital. Remember, you want to bring everything you will need, in case your partner can’t leave for the entirety of your stay.

The picture I included above shows what I packed; let me tell you, you do not need to bring all that is pictured in here!! I brought stuff I didn’t end up using and asking for things I did not bring, so here is the scoop (from left to right on the picture):

  • Breastmilk Pump: Unless you are super picky with your pump, put the heavy electric pump away, the hospital has AWESOME hospital-grade pumps that work better than any pump in the market, so spare the space and bring something else instead.
  • Blankets: I brought three blankets one to match each outfit of the baby, this was totally over the top as I only ended up using maybe one blanket during feedings. Blankets are not safe for sleeping anyways so you will not need them.
  • Clothes: This was totally necessary as you want to have your baby dressed in the pretty clothes you have gotten for him or her. However, we ware! You should bring at least one size outfit 0-3 months because if you are like me and end up with a 9lbs baby (and I had not brought 0-3 months sizes), the newborn clothes won’t fit or will fit tight! I brought an outfit for daytime and a PJ for nighttime for 2 days, however you may need more depending on how long baby has to stay in the hospital. Don’t forget socks, hats and mitten for each outfit, if applicable, babies lose heat like crazy and hospitals are cold.
  • Diapering: You DO NOT want to bring wipes and diapers and other diapering essentials. The hospital has more than you will ever need and more to take home, so again, save the space for something else!
  • Pacifier: If you plan to breastfeed you shouldn’t bring it. Also, hospital have soothies which are the best newborn pacifiers, so leave whatever paci you have at home and use after your breast milk supply is well-established!
  • Teddy Bear: L E A V E at home, cannot stress this enough!!!
  • Nursing pillow: MUST HAVE!!! I used this even for sleeping with baby in arms since she hardly ever slept in the hospital bassinet.
  • Burp Cloths: Also necessary, your baby maybe a spitter early on, although some are not
  • Receiving blankets: I also brought one to match each outfit, I ended up using just one of my burt’s bee the hole time. Also, the hospital has millions for you so you may want to just leave yours at home since I lost one to the nursery.

I hope this list helps you know what to bring for baby on her/his birth day. Congratulations on bringing life to this earth, you are in for the most beautiful experience ever!

Baby Cheers,

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